3wade Creates Hood Classic With Asian Doll Titled “Erupt”

3wade is an on the rise recording artist originally from Canton, Ohio. Over the years he has managed to travel to multiple major cities finding inspiration for his music and submerging himself into new cultures. It was in Atlanta, Georgia that 3wade managed to master his music and hone in on his sound. 3wade has a versatile and purely authentic sound. He meshes R&B and Soul together perfectly. His music is his means of self expression. It allows him to vent and leave his feelings on his records. It’s his therapy. If possible he would have enjoyed collaborating with the late Nipsey Hussle. Nips’ way of thinking is infectious. Alicia Keys would also be added to that list. 2 amazing artists with a huge impact in the music industry. It’s clear 3wade has exquisite taste when it comes to music.

Currently 3wade is working on a new mixtape titled “ Welcome To The Fame”. This project includes one of his singles that is now out on all platforms titled “Issues”. Be on the lookout for the release of the mixtape, but in the meantime he has a treat for his fans. His visual for his record “Erupt” featuring Asian Doll is out now for all to view. The song is addicting. 3wade has a melodic and smooth cadence yet the record is still hype. Asian doll added her sauce and made the record complete. This track is definitely a potential hit. 3wade is definitely an artist on the verge of fame. His music speaks volume. It is just a matter of time before he hits mainstream media. 

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