Bonni3: Says This Pandemic Should Have Helped Entrepreneurs and Creatives Thrive

Who is Bonni3?

Gabriel Comfort, better known by her stage name “Bonni3” is not your typical music artist. Her brand not only caters to her musical craft but also her entrepreneurial skills. Gabriel has been successful in launching her brand called “Christian Nicole Promotions” this brand was designed to help other artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and others grow with her marketing expertise. Bonni3 loves creating music but knows in order to create more streams of income for herself she must have her foot in other doors. She is known not only for being on major publications such as The Source, Respect Mag, Vents, Medium, and many others herself but also with helping other people on major publications as well.

Bonni3 has been on a relentless and determined journey for years now. Locking in celebrity and independent artists daily with her services. Seeing success from Christian Nicole Promotions is not her only venture at the moment. She has an album out called “Bonni3 No Clyde” including 8 amazing tracks such as “Real Ones”, “Incomplete”, “Okay” and many others. Her album now on Spotify is ranging well over 50k streams and growing daily.

She also released a video with Grever Chile Demigod for her song “Okay” produced by Official Empire earlier this year and “‘Madrid” set to drop with Demigod this fall. Not only has Bonni3 been working on her new music releases, but she has also released an amazing E-Book titled “Christian Nicole Promotions- Creating A Brand” now available on Amazon which briefly touches on her own experiences within the business. The eBook is a great read and helps offer some insight on entrepreneurship and the entertainment business.

We all know that when you are an aspiring creative, money is always the issue. How are you going to gain enough money to support what you do if it costs more money than what you are making from royalties ? Gabriel Comfort better known as Bonni3 is a pure example of an innovative creative. She states “If you have a phone there is no way you should not be making money from the internet.” The music industry is very hard to survive in without a clear and strategic plan. In 2013 Bonni3 set out to not only pursue her passion, but to utilize reselling before it became so popular amongst other individuals. Drop shipping and reselling cost next to nothing and can bring in full time earnings if you know what you are doing and you are confident in your own brand.

Bonni3 started to flip servicing that she knew people needed or definitely wanted. Something that helps to sell itself. Thus after years of success as a sole proprietor, she created her brand “Christian Nicole Promotions”. Her business not only assists artists, but small businesses, clothing lines etc you name it. This money she has made by being a successful business woman has helped her continue her music career and make passive income from that while running her business. She has started to focus more on her entrepreneurial venture, but seeks to make her latest single an international hit. The song is titled “Paralyzed”. This song is a pure reflection of her versatility as an artist. She is mostly known for Hip-Hop, but this track resembles Paramore + Linkin Park vibes. Bonni3 is truly onto something and it is only a matter of time before she is noticed for her successes. Make sure you follow her journey and connect with her on social media. S

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