Diving Into The Musical Rabbit Hole With Princess Judas

Princess Judas is a fresh and vibrant musical sensation from Los Angeles, CA. At the young age of 10 they were able to experience their first Warped Tour, from then on they were hooked until the tour officially shut down. Seeing the crowd doing mosh-pits and repeating full songs of the performing artists was something Princess Judas was inspired by. 

While in tap dance for 10 years and connecting with music and all things art, they finally were being pulled to be something more. Their muses were now calling. After reading one of their favorite all time poets Anne Sexton they stumbled across their artist name, “Princess Judas”. They found their true calling. Their spoken word is enchanting. 

They create moods that cater to all situations as he is able to interpret feelings into sound and words for their audience to experience. Their ability to express gratitude and connect with the world allows them to be a better creator and hear the world. 

Recently they have just released their single titled “Be My Memory Be My Miss Anonymous By My Je Ne Sais Quoi.” This record is now out on all platforms. There is also a music video  available on youtube for viewing. They stated “The song is about waltzing with the memories you’ve left behind, about the tragic relief we feel when everything is over.” Which is all the more intriguing to say the least. Their content is quite infectious as his sound is like no other.

Stream Princess Judas here

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