V-LO The Maestro: An Industry Mogul Who’s Focus Landed Him In The Hall Of Fame

Vernon Wiggins, Better known as V-LO The Maestro has been having an impeccable career this year. It’s been a while since he released his long anticipated debut album “The Vision”. Since releasing his first album, his single “Whoa Town Anthem, Pt. 2” from his third studio album “The Vision 3” has reached well over 1 million views on Youtube. This song had his hometown proudly representing V-LO as he created “Whoa Town Anthem, Pt 2” exclusively as an anthem for his hometown in Louisiana. The Djs all over the world fell in love with this record and spun it as much as they could on FM radio stations. Not to mention he has records with mainstream artists such as Kevin Gates, Young Buck Project Pat, and others as well. His music speaks for itself, but V-LO has more to offer than only hit records. He has also been focused on his acting career. V-LO has been featured in many films already including “A Life To Choose”, “My Side Piece Hit The Lotto”, “Mississippi Turntup ”, and his upcoming film that he executive produced “Problematic Intentions”, and many others. His filmography resume is growing rapidly. Recently in 2021 he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame by Spoken Red Honors for his dedication and hard work.

V-LO has broken through the odds. Being from a small town and accomplishing the things that he’s been accomplishing has been an inspiration for all in his community. V-LO now owns his own nonprofit company that specializes in helping communities nationwide. His expertise as a philanthropist is helping the world in a multitude of ways. Although it seems V-LO has done it all and does not need to do anything else, think again. He made it his mission to higher his education and obtain a masters in business and he did just that. Education is very important to him as he has many individuals who look up to him. He made it known that no matter the age, going back to college is always a great decision. This year for him is all about growth. Growth for his brand and his business. He is a role model that definitely deserved to be a Hall of Famer for his tenacity and sheer drive to be the best he can be in all that he does. 

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