Dope Vibes & Killer Verses on GoodVibeVilla’s EP

With so much music, listeners flip on the familiar. The villa vibes are what Goodvibevilla suggests instead of the familiar. Growing up in NYC, he brings the ruggedness of New York’s five boroughs, but relocated to the west coast on his journey to find his sound. The influences of east coast meeting west coast has a historical significance to create a beautiful concoction, similar to the pilgrimage that Tupac Shakur took from Baltimore, to LA. Styles make music, like ingredients, ½ shot of east coast, mixed with 2 ½ shots of west coast, adding ½ shot of ATL poured over a melodic track, equaling Goodvibevilla. 

The medium of music is losing its appeal due to the emergence of ‘so-called’ music artists everywhere. One of the causes of today’s decline in music quality is the rapid rise of musicians. Since the music industry is saturated, there are far better musicians who don’t get to shine. Another reason could easily be that music sounds too similar. Goodvibevilla’s unique sounds is pressing the airwaves to make sure that listeners say, “Whose that.” 

Recently, he released an EP that has swept music lovers, particularly those who love golden-age hip hop, off their feet. Villa’s three-track EP, consisting of “Grippin,” “Let it Go,” and “Girls,” has generated so much hype that a second part has been planned.

Music provides Villa with comfort and solace and this is what he hopes to share with the world. Despite knowing the journey would be tough, Luis had faith that he could achieve anything he set his mind to. While working, he spent some time freestyling, something he found to be very exciting. It was the perfect way to end his day.

As an entrepreneur and investor with two music production companies, GoodVibeMusic and Deaf Star Studios, Luis is proving that with a strong will, anything is possible. The potential of Villa has been demonstrated since he was a teenager, freestyling and releasing his EP. This EP is indeed promising and a testament to the mysterious ways in which life works. Every person finds his or her true calling in life in some way. Luis not only achieved his lifelong dream of establishing a successful life, but also made music his career.

Villa, also known as Luis, is about to ignite the music industry and prove that chasing one’s passion and achieving one’s dreams is never too late.

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