Did R&B Singer Q Muzik Go Country ? New Music Video Raises Questions!

Who is Q Muzik?

Quindon De’Shawn Buckley better known for his stage name Q Muzik is an American rapper, singer, songwriter from Jackson, Tennessee. He is a viral sensation who took over social media with his talents. The independent artist grew his fanbase rapidly through the popular app Tik Tok where he would promote released and unreleased music. He later mastered the art of marketing through a full service media agency called Everyday Success Team which helped him grow just as rapid on Instagram. Q Muzik has dropped multiple singles during his career which led to not 1 but 2 top tier albums in the year of 2021 entitled “Quindon” and “Dispensable”.

Q Muzik recently released another music video right after dropping the official video to his hit song “Break” and well… it’s a little “different” said fans. With starting the video with a scene of him and fiancée Junior MicNugget walking into a building and her stating “you know they’re not going to accept us right?” And him replying “they ain’t gon’ have no choice” . Now some say he’s speaking on modern day racism within his home town and within certain country music genre events where African American people are not welcomed. But others believe he’s speaking on his own people (black people) who will not accept the genre of music he is performing. Both valid assumptions stem a lot of questions.

Is Q Muzik going country or is he just being versatile and showing that he truly can do it all?

Q Muzik- I Won’t Rush (Feat. Junior MicNugget)

Although this new country sound raises questions, it is actually a great love song. With Junior MicNugget giving a Reba vibe with her beautiful and powerful country voice and Q Muzik using a lower tone kind of similar to Brett Young. The 2 killed it on stage and should definitely be accepted everywhere. Check out the song for yourself ! “I Won’t Rush” and you tell me.

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