Audie B is a French-Australian rap artist and dancer .

She joined in Newcastle, Australia, the Royal Academy of Dance classical ballet classes and then took up modern jazz and contemporary dance under the direction of Marie Walton-Mahon at the National College of Dance. Newcastle (Australia) life, people, and culture would quickly become a huge part of Audie B’s identity and influence on her future music. Through performing in dance, Audie B became pulled into music, which quickly became the outlet that fueled her even ahead of dance.

She completed her University studies in Sydney & went on to work 3 years on cruise ships travelling the world. 

Audie B has always loved being on stage, sharing and performing, through dance, especially when she was younger. She gained a lot of inspiration on cruise ships sailing the sea. There she had so many experiences to write about and did just that. She also writes about her life in general, and continued that once she settled in France after her 3 year contract.

She has not stopped ever since. Audie B has released several singles, as well as collaborated with major hip hop artists around the world. The most recent collaboration includes world recognized West Coast rapper The Game. Audie B is also collaborating with top Sony charting producers, composers and top french charting producers. Audie B’s love for the grind has become a lifestyle that she embraces.

After this, Audie B decided to settle in Paris, France to hone her craft as a hip hop artist, as well as a dancer and actor and get back to her roots. France’s diversity in thought, music, and culture was a natural landing zone for Audie B to continue to develop a sound, look, and vibe that was unique to her and take her music career to the next level.

She realized immediately what she wanted and that was to start making music professionally after settling in France. At this moment, it was more than just a passion, she was living and breathing not only dance anymore, but also music too! And after rapping on various and wide variety of beats , some would describe her sound/style in her music today as a mix of rap on electronic/dance and uk drill beats.

Audie B has multiple creative processes when creating a song. It could be one day just creating a beat in the studio to fit some lyrics or most of the time she would hear a beat that inspires her. When asked she explained how she “straight away imagine, the vibe, even the music video in her head, and create a story from what she wants to say”, it could stem from “her past experiences and how she’s feeling at the time”. The mood she’s in will definitely define the lyrics she writes on a beat or the beat she’s “vibing with” at the time.

How Audie B deals with performance anxiety?

“I actually don’t feel ok when I’m not stressed to get up on stage. Since Ive been on stage dancing since I was a kid, now with music its the same. I need those ‘nerves’ to have that adrenaline to get on stage! So I definitely channel that ! Its all about being always prepared, and vibing off the audience! “ said Audie B.

More recently , “The Hustle” featuring The Game is a track she just released September 10th 2022, and the music video was done back home for Audie B in Sydney. She has new tracks on electro beats dropping soon and a couple of features on the way! Which are dropping within the next upcoming months… so stay tuned! Not to mention she’s between Miami, Sydney, and Paris working on new projects and collaborations. She is looking forward to more stage performances and releasing new tracks consistently!!

While talking about what’s next to come, the ecstatic Audie B expresses that “its great being able to travel again and be on stage !” and well, I believe her! Check her out for yourself and you will see exactly what I mean.

Audie B – The Hustle (Feat. The Game

Audie B on Spotify

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