Q Muzik and Junior MicNugget : MUSIC POWER COUPLE

Q Muzik and Junior MicNugget have been collaborating on music since 2018 and dating since 2020

Photo: Vaeh/Beach 2022

Music power couple Q Muzik and Junior MicNugget are not only dating but engaged. Expecting to tie the knot in November of 2022.

The artist duo first met online via Facebook. With Q Muzik allegedly sending a friend request and Junior MicNugget accepting and sending not one but two waves via messenger. Now with only being able to send one wave the two were confused and instantly believed it was destiny. Love flourished through conversation and likeness. The two shared art, personality and spiritual beliefs. The music was just the icing on the cake.

After 2 years of off and on flirting, making low quality music and speaking on the phone long distance. They decided to take things to the next level. In 2020 it was time for them to finally meet face to face . Q Muzik traveled on bus to meet the beautiful singer at a hotel in Carolina. Where they immediately made their relationship official!

The duo traveled back to Tennessee where Q Muzik is from and began to start their life together there. Smooth sailing partnership and countless home studio sessions where they made multiple hit records such as their first duo studio single “Let’s Ride and many more. The two had very different sounds but together it was magic. To Junior MicNugget she had found the “love of her life” and to Q Muzik he had finally found “the girl of his dreams”. It was a beautiful musical thing that the world would soon find out about.

Q Muzik- Let’s Ride(Feat. Junior MicNugget)


2020 came with a lot of new beginnings for the couple. New relationship, new living situation, and this new WORLD PANDEMIC we know today as The Coronavirus aka “Covid- 19“ . They believe they met and became a couple at the perfect time because of the fear and the unknown. Together they helped each other mentally and accomplished things they felt they could have never conquered alone. Music and Tik Tok gave the duo something fun to do together and it ended up being something that would gain them over 50 thousand followers combined . They lived and overcame the anxiety and fear of Covid – 19 .

East Pointe Apartments, JACKSON TN | 2021

In 2021 Q Muzik asked Junior MicNugget’s father for his blessing to marry his daughter. After receiving blessing and approval Q Muzik proposed to Junior MicNugget on Easter Day. The two pre recorded vows to one another following the proposal.

Fun Fact: Although Q Muzik wrote and recorded his single first, Junior MicNugget released and named her single “I Vow” before Q Muzik’s “I Also Vow”.

New Years 2022

Recently the couple has been seen living what I would say, their best lives together. Nothing but joy and happiness when you see them. Although their music separately sometimes depicts sad and heart broken energy and vibes, there is definitely unconditional love between the two.

Q Muzik- I Won’t Rush (Feat. Junior MicNugget)
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Q Muzik Spotify

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