Philly Says Bye To PNB Rock And Fat Joe Speaks On His Passing

PnB Rock has sadly passed as he was gunned down in Roscoes Chicken and Waffles in L.A. Some say his death was a set up by his girlfriend as she shared their location on his social media before the tragic event. More recently Fat Joe had to left a few words on the topic “The young brother was supporting Black-owned businesses going to the Roscoe’s Chicken with his wife and his kid. And so we get all these deflections of, ‘Oh, but his wife posted the chicken. Oh, he’s not supposed to wear jewelry.’ How ’bout we not supposed to kill each other,” Fat Joe said.

I used to stick people up. I used to rob people. I’m being honest. I’m not trying to front for y’all,” Joe added. “I’m not against them robbing him. Caught ’em, rob em. Why you gotta kill him? And that’s what bothers me. Fat Joe added. It is sad that someone who reached success cant go out without security and is subject to death from his own community. As a community we need to do better, but when will it happen? The black community has been killing off more of our people than anyone.

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