Carol Collins: Using her Gift as The Pittsburgh Medium

Carol Collins, known as “The Pittsburgh Medium” is a consciously-aware trance channel and medium. She often likes to say she is “the conduit for guidance from Source.” Collins has used her incredible gift to help and guide people who are looking to contact loved ones who have passed on.

As a consciously-aware light trance channel, Collins’ spirit guides, the Jeshua Collective, use her voice as a conduit to spread their message of ‘The Essential Material’ in a meditative state of the mind. She releases powerful guidance, teaching, and healing to help you create your life “On Purpose.”

Carol typically taps into a wide range of meditative states of mind. About this phenomenon, she says “I am consciously aware that reading is taking place, but I am not able to interject into it. I receive clairvoyantly at the same time, and many of the things I see in my mind are conveyed to you by Jeshua. There may be images, a movie screen, words, movement of energy, sensations, aromas, or the sound of various voices,” she describes. Carol has helped a range of people all across the world.

Carol is what people describe as a “spontaneous trance medium” because she did not always have these gifts. In 2019, Carol was recovering from a big move and a difficult breakup. To cope with her pain, she looked to meditation practices. She learned about emotional regulation and mindfulness, and she began meditating daily for four months, as per the Abraham-Hicks method.

She felt movement during meditation one evening that initially was a gentle, swirling motion. The next moment everything changed, and a lengthy conversation began as words were spelled out one by one in the air with her nose. Within a few short weeks, Jeshua asked if they could speak through her. She said yes, and a whole new world of teaching and healing opened up to her. The Collective taught her all about The Essential Material, and a few weeks later requested to use her voice to speak through her. Carol now spreads Jeshua’s teachings through classes, retreats, workshops, readings, and Quantum Energy Healing sessions. She has seen a lot of positive transformation in herself since she started practicing daily meditation.

Carol states that her relationship with the Collective is friendly. They communicate every day. She says, “it is my hope that people view their reading with them as a conversation as well and open up in that conversation as they would to a close friend.”
Carol is grateful to be a channel because there is no misinterpretation or uncertainty involved; Jeshua provides clear, direct answers for both her and her clients. “They are Source Beings. They are Infinite Intelligence and they do know all,” Carol explains.

As a guide, Carol ensures that her readings are always accurate. Guides are the ones you are asking for guidance from. They borrow your voice to have a direct conversation. They can speak plainly to you and are able to tell you what they want you to know using the words and descriptions of their choosing. The guesswork of reading is removed.

Carol states that being a channel is her favorite gift. She does not consider her gift as “reading” or predicting the future. She receives information from Jeshua to provide clients and herself with emotional guidance, business, relational, and other general life advice.

Carol has some insightful events coming up. She recently had a “I AM” Retreats in Sedona, and she is hosting another one from September 23-25 in Pittsburgh. She has also compiled a “Powerfulness of Source Energy 2-day Workshop,” The next workshop will be in Philadelphia from August 12-13. A reading will be given to a non-disclosed and well-known public figure at this event!

Carol gives insight into how to live your best life, how to navigate life’s trials, and how to channel and self-heal through her practice. She hopes to promote the Jeshua message of peace and momentum through pain.

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