Jrow is an on the rise recording artist ready to break out in the music industry. At the young age of 13 was the time he realized how exceptionally talented he was with music. He had an infectious stage presence and was able to really capture an audience. After finding his sound and working on developing over the years he began to write and create records.

His records consist of his own personal stories, emotions and pure raw lyricism. When creating he usually just indulges in a drink or 2 to relax and get loose. Recently this year he has released 3 singles “No More Slipping”, “Mutual”, and “Favorite Song”. The newest single being “That’s Just It” which will also be released with a visual and merch. After “ROWVEMBER” more work is coming. In the meantime check out his current catalog and his label DNA RECORDINGS here on the official website https://www.dnarecording.com/

Stream His Music Here

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