Dreaded Cas Unleashes “Location Lust” Project

Dreaded Cas just released a brand new seven-track project fittingly entitled  “Location Lust.” The Los Angeles-based artist has been on the rise and has created a buzz more than noteworthy after a series of collections that feed her ever-unsettling location lust.

Spending most of her life moving back and forth between cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta, Location Lust features voracious production that draws influence from Cas’ residency in both cities. The indecisive artist also featured an apple map, “Location Lust Map” as a part of her project roll out, full of her favorite places to stop by in Los Angeles.

“I wanted to give you guys a look at some of my favorite places in Los Angeles that have influenced who I am today.”

Cas brings out her alternate personalities in a set of her most versatile work. Featured artists include Wray, KD, and Cheyenne Wright. Location Lust consists of seven variety-packed tracks sure to capture your attention, no matter your location.

Check out the project below.

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