Real Music is back! It Starts With James Roan and Richy B’s Album “Elements of Life”

Prepare to be taken back in time by the music that’s coming from this super duo. These are two highly skilled Musicians out of Miami, Florida with something to prove! They have a story to tell, and the message is positive to listeners. It’s “music our ears” literally as its so refreshing to hear new and different hip-hop in this day and age. James is a well versed lyricist that can also story tell, and even sing on occasion to bring his concepts to life! On the contrary, Richy is an experienced producer with enough talent to play multiple instruments, hence giving him a well trained ear for music.

They reunited in 2020 at James’s old recording studio, and came up with the idea of a full length project with one another. The title came when the two deiced which direction they wanted to head in, as well as the sound they wanted the album to have. Using native instruments and real life themes and subject matters is what makes this project special. Rich simply said “There is nothing else like this out there right now” as he strongly believe they are creating their own sound and style exclusively. Roan talks about topics such as Love, Anger, Motivation, Addiction, Infidelity, Lust, Fun, Hard Work, Depression Happiness and many more in each song. So many emotions rolled into one fun yet therapeutic album. Roan also stated that “Each of these emotions is what makes us human, these are elements of life as we know it”.

The album features guest artist like Michaela Springs and Chris260 providing vocals for rap and R&B tracks. The album will consist of about 12 songs in total, making the project not too long, but not short either. We are excited to see what these two have in store with this record as well and those that may come in the not too distant future. If they continue on the path they’re on now, there should be much success ahead. With music like what’s on “Elements of Life” they should last in the game for a very long time. In order for the narrative to change with more positive and real life hip-hop, they have to stand their ground and continue to make good music.

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