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Hakeem Prime is a rapper, originally from Smyrna, Georgia. He was born on October 16, 1991. Prime moved to Idaho in 2015 and has been base there every since.

The creative Hakeem Prime took off in his career with his 2016 single, “Slip Up.” With the success of this single which went to 400K the first week of him releaseing. Hakeem has been working since then bringing all kinds of vibes. Moving from the box of rap into the world of R&B with his 2021 Hit Single ‘Imma Let You Go’ that has surpassed 4M+ streams on apple music alone.

Although hakeem had a more intresting rise to fame before all that. Recognized by 99 JAMZ, WEDR 99.1 FM’s Host Dj Da selected Hakeem Prime who was then (Hyphy Da Spider) to be on their rotation for his song “More Than This” which was a song inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. giving Hakeem the start of his core fan base. DA caught on to hakeem when droping a ton of Mixtapes from 2010 to 2014. Later dropping his First ever single “Try it Again“. Shortly after this Hakeem was given an opportunity of a lifetime to pursue his dream & become a member of none other than YMCMB. (http://bit.ly/lilwaynetas) which was set to be a Hyphydaspider introduction special edition

They had meetings & songs done that are now all on his mixtape “The Mixtape 3: Apex” & his debut album “Forthcoming” witch sold 10,000 copies the first week from the buzz of the introduction via Bandcamp. he only returned later after this with his single “Slip Up” expecting this to be his last song after being turned away with his singing ability. Only later finding out the YMCMB situation was a scam from people with no actual relation to the label.

Hakeem as a young teen was a big fan of music from Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, DMX and more along with his R&B influences like Tyrese , Usher, 112 & Ginuwine. In the near future Hakeem would like to work alongside Travis Scott, Kanye West, Offset. Kodak Black and more.


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