Nkosi Bourne returns with fresh new mixtape, ‘Glimpse’

Brooklyn artist Nkosi Bourne has returned with a new mixtape, titled Glimpse. Following up a series of well-received singles such as “No BS” and “Squares”, Glimpse showcases Bourne’s signature sound- intricate, emotive bars laid atop jazzy, lo-fi soundscapes that are versatile and textural. This new 7-track offering remains poignant throughout, as it never shies away from the personal, and stays true to its character.

One of our personal favorite songs from the mixtape, “Glimpse”, opens the project with rich vocal samples drifting atop an infectious rhythm section. Introducing Bourne’s pensive lyricism in a highly effective manner, “Glimpse” finds him weaving together poetic lines atop the jazzy instrumentation. “Drowning” follows next after a smooth transition, with moody guitars setting a thoughtful tone, as Bourne scores with smooth, sharply-crafted verses. “Therapy” provides a highlight as well with its elegant sound, with Bourne and SUPERQT sharing a natural chemistry as they deliver captivating vocal performances.

The latest from NYC artist Nkosi Bourne, Glimpse makes for a heartfelt, hypnotizing listen that continues his run of thought-provoking releases.

Listen to Glimpse now:

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