Nkosi Bourne shares relatable mixtape, ‘Glimpse’

Brooklyn artist Nkosi Bourne has shared a new mixtape called ‘Glimpse’. Consisting of 7 poignant tracks, ‘Glimpse’ was preceded by vibrant singles such as “No BS” and “Positive Affirmations”, which received acclaim from online publications. ‘Glimpse’ builds engagingly off the success of these singles with an offering that includes emotionally rich, relatable lyricism and vivid production that flirts with lo-fi and jazz rap. Bourne’s strengths as a writer are on full display here as well, as he weaves together potent, thoughtful verses atop the heartfelt, evocative production.

The project opens with the title track “Glimpse”, which contains expansive vocal samples that give the beat a layered feel, as Bourne delivers laid-back yet gripping verses. “Drowning” provides a project highlight with its immersive, jazz-tinged production centred around sweeping guitars and grooving percussion. Here, Bourne comes through with smooth, deft verses that paint detailed pictures throughout. Closer “Therapy” provides an uplifting listen with pensive verses and a soaring, memorable hook from SUPERQT.

The latest from Brooklyn’s Nkosi Bourne, ‘Glimpse’ contains an unflinching authenticity that makes it admirable, moored by deeply rich, jazzy production throughout. If you enjoyed ‘Glimpse’, be sure to connect with Nkosi Bourne on social platforms and watch for new releases from the rising New York City artist, who has been on a prolific streak of late.

Take a listen to ‘Glimpse’ below and get familiar with the New York City musician.

Connect with Nkosi Bourne and watch for updates for him regarding new music: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

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