Connie Roses and Royal Haunts share genre-bending single “Bells and Bugs”

Versatile Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania artist Connie Roses has shared a brand new single called “Bells and Bugs”, featuring the equally dynamic Royal Haunts. A song that draws influences from a variety of genres, “Bells and Bugs” does a good job of combining different sonic textures and styles in a cohesive, engaging fashion. It is a track that refuses to be simply confined into one category, as made evident by its intriguing combination of experimental hip-hop, alternative R&B, and various electronica stylings. It is infectious and colorful, showing much character through its vivid synths and rich, grooving rhythm section. It strays from typical territory in order to present a refreshing, idiosyncratic offering, which is admirable in a musical landscape that is too often focused on pumping out music as fast as possible, while sometimes sacrificing its originality. 

The track demonstrates Roses and Haunts’ songwriting prowess through flexible, fluid flows tinged with catchy melodies and engaging inflections. Blending hip-hop stylings with R&B influences, the vocals on the track are dynamic and versatile, finding both artists delving interestingly into new territory. Moreover, the production is silky and smooth but it retains some abrasiveness, giving the track a subtle undertone of uncertainty that appears in many of Roses’ songs, such as his previous release “The City”. “Bells and Bugs” makes for a strong follow up, retaining the experimental, raw feel of his last single, but also expanding into fresh territory with its melodic vibrancy. All in all, we look forward to whatever is coming next from both Connie Roses and Royal Haunts.

Listen to “Bells and Bugs” here:

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