JASMINEGOLD deliver the goods on “friendly fire”

Florida artists JASMINEGOLD have shared a fresh new single called “friendly fire”. Following up the success of their previous full-length release, Serpent, “friendly fire” continues their run of experimental, genre-bending releases, containing vibrant, mind-expanding production and engaging, raw rhymes. 

“friendly fire”’s poignant production contains smooth yet otherworldly reversed keys drifting atop crisp, lofi percussion. Buoyant and infectious, the instrumentation lifts the listener up to the sky, as it dynamically builds into an electrifying beat switch that turns the energy levels up a notch with a glitchy soundscape. Atop the mercurial beat, the group comes through with engaging, fluid vocals that present raw hip-hop stylings while also incorporating some infectious melodic tinges. In the second half of the track, they crank up the intensity with snarling, commanding verses that command the listener’s attention immediately. Then, in the last bit of the track, menacing, twirling pianos drop in atop gritty 808s, giving the beat a distinctly Florida feel.

A diverse, expressive track from JASMINEGOLD that presents three enticing, versatile beats, “friendly fire” is a strong track that follows up their recent album Serpent. It draws influences from experimental hip hop, lo fi hip hop, and more, for a release that refuses to be boxed in to one category or denomination. Check it out below.

Listen to “friendly fire” here and get familiar with the rising Florida duo. Also, be sure to connect with JASMINEGOLD on social media platforms to watch for updates from them.

Listen to “friendly fire” now:

Watch the video for “friendly fire” now:

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