Tony Santana delivers hard-hitting single “FAULT”

California artist Tony Santana has returned with a new single called “FAULT”. His latest offering is a potent, hard-hitting song that finds him exploring genre-bending territory with influences from hip-hop and R&B. Anthemic and grand, “FAULT”’s cathartic, powerful sound and gripping vocals make the song captivating- drawing the listener in to the track’s energizing soundscape and immersing them in the vitality and potency of the new single. Santana, who has previously been featured in MTV as well as Lyrical Lemonade, and has accumulated over 500,000 streams on all platforms, continues his hot streak with “FAULT”, following up a prolific streak of offerings that continued to expand on his idiosyncratic, engaging sound. “FAULT” contains energizing, versatile production built upon around immersive samples drifting atop pounding 808s and clean percussion, as well as powerful vocals from Santana that blend influences from hip-hop and R&B. 

Take a listen to “FAULT” below and familiarize yourself with the rising West Coast artist.

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