Tevin Baker impresses and excites with new vocal projects!

Tevin Baker is a voice that you cannot deny, his vocal range and authentic sound is truly unheard of and refreshing to our ears.

We got to get to know the man behind this melodic music to ask him a few questions about what music means to him and the process behind his genuine sound.

What made music your outlet?
When I discovered my musical abilities I realized it was something I could do to express myself. It’s the one thing that can hold my attention for extended periods of time and never feels like work. 

Very much like therapy music provides me with an outlet to explore an array of emotions and feelings. I recognized early on that it was a gift and I feel blessed to have it.

Which album really changed music for you?
Michael Jackson’s Bad Album! For me, it was a collection of vibes far ahead of its time. He touched on so many genres and in turn fostered an entire generation of music, style and dance and is still very influential in our music today. 

All of the songs from that hit album still make people move, dance, and most importantly happy. Music should move people.

What does your music make you feel when recording?
I feel that I control the emotions I want out of music really. If I wanna feel happy then I make happy music. If I wanna feel sad or even sexy I tap into those frequencies. Again it’s my outlet [Laughs].

Q: How do you think your music will touch people’s hearts?
A: If you’re a real person honestly you will relate to most of my music. I’ve gone through a lot and overcame just as much. 

So my hope is that others will find the courage in my music to do the same. Keep pushing!

Where do you see yourself performing?
I see myself performing all over the world honestly. I know it’s gonna happen. I also happen to be a master manifesto. I’m determined to push through and make all these dreams my reality.

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