Musician Franco Junior is done TRYING, he’s DOING, and taking the music world by storm!

Impressively coming off of +2.5M streams, Franco Junior is a break-out Artist to look for this year, with an upcoming EP in early 2023!

We got to talk with Franco on what makes his music different.

Have people ever referred to you as a self-made success? In what way is that true or not true?

My definition of self-made success stems from the idea that I was able to identify my strengths and being able to apply those discovered virtues. 

Early in my artistic career, I struggled and always had the intention of being “successful” – but “success” is something we’re always chasing.

What does it take for someone to have the kind of success you have in the world of music?

What I can attribute to my success, especially in the last few years has been laser focus. 

I started treating my artistry in music as a career. Awareness is also very important you need to be able to place yourself and see yourself from the outside-in.

At what point do you feel like you really crossed over from trying to do?

This point occurred when I assumed control of creative tastes, interests, and execution. It partly had to do with the fact of also embracing that idea of perfectionism, instead of trying to be the best at almost everything I was seeking for experimentation and play in what I was doing.

Did you ever fake it till you made it?

That was a strategy that I used at the very beginning of my career and all I can say is that I wasted a lot

of time. Instead of faking til you make it mentality, I choose to “become” what I wanted to be instead of

hoping —that has made all the difference.

Are there things you did in your life where things just got much easier after you made a change?

Yes —the most important instrument in music is yourself. I changed my perspective and attitude towards a lot of things and it has made all the difference for my career. 

There’s so much a person can do when they set their mind on something. 

A lot of the things that were stunting my career were my own personal and mental struggles. 

I was my own worst enemy. I was my own worst critic. 

Since I’ve made those changes I feel more deeply connected to my purpose.

You’re working on your upcoming EP, what can we expect?

I am in a much more focused and calculated mindset with my music, my experience has improved tremendously and I am also embracing new sounds in my upcoming EP!

The world will be hearing more of the music I believe they love and enjoy coming from me in 2023! And potentially a tour as well.

Listen to Franco Junior’s song “Crazy” on Spotify now!

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