Mickey Daze continues his run with “shook ones ’22”

North Carolina artist Mickey Daze has shared a new single called “shook ones ’22”. Continuing his run of engaging, lyrically focused hip-hop tracks, “shook ones ’22” displays Daze’s focus as a songwriter as he weaves together poignant flows atop textural, character-rich production. Atop gritty yet colorful samples and minimalistic percussion, Daze’s soulful vocals and immersive mic presence take the listener to new heights as he delivers contemplative lines across the first verse.

The second verse starts off with making a reference to a college town he is currently located in Cullowhee, NC  “I be walking around Cullowhee like a bum though”. This place is where everyone under n0mads and slimelambo media met. With its many stories of victory and sorrow its a great reference that shows how deep his story as an artist go DAZE then tells his audience that he wants to shine in front of all his competition “At any given time ill shine on these bunks though”; “emotional super saiyan like trunks though.” To end the record DAZE come back in with his layered vocal hook that contains amicable background vocals and reference to the late prodigy and group Mobb Deep. 

The latest from Mickey Daze, “shook ones ’22” is a strong new offering that continues his recent streak of releases.

Listen now:

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