Actress/Model And Tiktok Creator Of Dawnsearlylightllc, Dawn Lori Is Making Waves With A Following And New Projects

There’s just something about her that stays with you. That’s what you’d say after meeting Dawn Lori. She has that big, beautiful addictive energy. Her laugh is loud, and heart felt, and she fits the Scorpio sign with her captivating green eyes, that will steal your soul. 

However, what really intrigued me about this blonde bombshell was her down to earth warm demeanor. She could make you feel as though she’s known you a lifetime. Her energy, or vibe as some may call is soothing. 

Her TikTok status is increasing as she climbs the ladder on entertainment and, she has 2 films set for release. She laughs and says “I’m only just beginning.” 

Dawn Lori is climbing the ladder is an understatement. The return of her series “Secret Stories of Tarot Reader.” Dawn talks about her life leading up to her life and gifts in Tarot. Dawn’s fans, or collective as she calls them, are eager for part 5. Her YouTube has gained over 1k followers with her readings and her series. 

As Two films are set for release. Dawn is working on a new project in scriptwriting a new paranormal movie series with Clifton Croumbles, where she is set to act as well. 

Graduating from Barbizon Master Acting and Modeling program with alumni of Ryan Phillippe, Carmen Electra, Katrina Hunter, Amelia Vega, Chad Moore, David Archuletta, Josilyn Williams, Giuliana Rancic. Just to make a few, Dawn Lori has certainly added her name to the grand list. 

There is definitely something about her. You won’t forget this bright light, as she has glowing up.

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