Tweak on the Beat shines on new release ‘One & Only’

Cleveland, Ohio artist Tweak on the Beat has shared a new EP called One & Only, a 7-track odyssey through versatile and infectious sounds that draw influence from an array of genres including hip-hop, R&B, and more. One & Only showcases Tweak’s signature sound- glistening, idiosyncratic melodies and crunchy, hard-hitting drums that make him stand out in today’s production landscape. One & Only is not a run of the mill project following one style, as it incorporates various flourishes of sounds and genres that give it its own character throughout. Aided by strong performances from rising artists such as E the Profit, YFL Kelvin, Paris Bryant, and more, One & Only is full of catchy and personality-rich moments that make it memorable.

From the get-go, Tweak hones in on his characteristic sound with “Like A Dawg”, which features Cleveland heavy-hitters Kipp Stone and DJ Kristyles. Paying tribute to their home city, the three present a transcendent, glowing track that uses sweeping strings and rich keys to grand effect. “ICE”, featuring E the Profit, provides a more hard-hitting, trap-laced cut as ominous keys and a minimalistic yet impactful rhythm section set a strong basis for E’s charismatic flows. “Want it Bad”, featuring Paris Bryant, is a radio-ready cut that is also substantial, as it immediately captures the listener’s attention and imprints itself with catchy, melodious sonics. “Circumstances”, featuring YFL Kelvin, contains emotive keys that build atop powerful percussion for a rich soundscape, as Kelvin pours his heart out atop the beat in a truly captivating fashion.

Chock full of memorable cuts and heartfelt, versatile sounds, One & Only shows that Cleveland beatmaker Tweak on the Beat is here to stay, providing a soulful, poignant 7-song EP that cannot be boxed in to one style.

Listen to One & Only:

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