Exclusive Interview with Long Beach Producer Corey Cail

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Corey Cail is a Certified Platinum Producer most known for his production of GRAMMY Award-winning singer and songwriter Eric Bellinger’s hit single “Goat”(250 M+ Streams) and his production contribution on Young Dolph and Key Glock‘s Platinum-certified track “Major.”(1 Million units).

Corey’s career credits are widely-spread throughout the Hip Hop, R&B, and entertainment vicinities. He has graced his high energy and incredibly infectious melodies alongside the work of the likes of Snoop Dogg, Bryson Tiller, Wale, VH1, BET, and EA Sports.

Additionally, Corey has worked on singles that were quite pivotal to the careers of several waking artists. In 2021, his production work on Empire signees – Los Angeles hip-hop group Baby Stone Gorillas’ debut project “BABYST5XNE GORILLAS” has proved Corey to be an exuberant force amongst the city’s most prevalent producers.

How did growing up in Long Beach help shape you into the producer you are today?

“Growing up in LB was unique because, in my opinion, the most popular rapper in history is from my city, Snoop Dogg. He was one of my biggest inspirations.”

What have you learned about music through the years that altered your work ethic?

“I learned to always be prepared with music, you never know who’s going to come to the studio. I missed big opportunities because I wasn’t ready.”            

Who’s your favorite artist of all time and what makes them so good at what they do?

“My favorite artist of all time is Michael Jackson. His vocal range was impeccable.”

Who was your greatest mentor and what was the best advice they’ve given you?

“My greatest mentor is Kxng Crooked. He told me to find the difference in familiarity, that’s the secret to longevity.”

What was your childhood like in Long Beach?

“Very fun and adventurous, I went to school down the street from the Shoreline Village so I was always at the beach.”

What hobbies did you have as a child that helped your music career?

“I watched a lot of beat-making videos on YouTube and started taking piano lessons.”

At what age did you begin producing?

“I started around 13, sold my first beat at 15.”

Do you look up to any other producers? If so, who?

“Dr. Dre, Kanye West & Pharell.”

What or who inspired you to pursue music full-time?

“My Dad, he told me it was possible to live off music royalties and publishing if you were good enough.”

You’ve accomplished plenty at a young age, what is the key to your long-term success?

“The key is to find the difference in familiarity, nothing’s new just reinvented.”

What makes a song a classic?

“Only time can tell if a song is a classic.” 

What separates a beatmaker from a producer?

“A beatmaker constructs the instrumental. The producer constructs the whole song with the artist.”

Envision yourself introducing someone to your work, what song are you playing for them and why?

“G.O.A.T. by Eric Bellinger, that song is a classic in my opinion.”

Explain the inspiration behind your motto “Rise Over Societal Expectations.”

“The motto “R.O.S.E.” means to go above and beyond being average. We only live once so we should try and make an impact on society in the best way possible.”

Describe the moment you received notice of your first then Gold Certification.

“I felt like the sacrifices I made for music were all worth it. I created something impactful in music.”

What sets you apart from the current wave of producers on the West Coast?

“With my versatility, I’ve produced R&B and Hip-Hop songs that were pivotal to the artist’s career.”

What plans do you have for the future within the production space?

“To build my own studio for upcoming music producers and songwriters to create.” 

Describe your relationship with Baby Stone Gorillas. What inclined you to work with the group?

“My childhood friend Justin is their videographer,  he put me on their music early.”

Having been around a handful of notable names in your youth, are there any other artists you still have on your to-do list

Yes, I want to produce a song for Kanye West.”

What advice do you have for the younger generation that is currently pursuing a career in music production?

“It’s okay to get lost in the music, just try to create something that will outlive you and stand the test of time.”

What artists and or producers should we look out for in the next couple of years? Who do you currently have your eye on? “For artists, you should get familiar with DCMBR, KINGMOSTWANTED, and Westside Webb. For producers, Robbie & Juce.”

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