KD Moneyy Interview by DJ Kurupt

Here’s an artist straight out of Atlanta by the name of KD Moneyy, and he has been dropping and brining that dope content and melodic ATL sound for the streets, something that the ATL does very well and quite often. So without further delay let’s get into the interview.

Higher Frequency: Let us know about KD Moneyy as a youngin and things that you were into before you got into the music production and making records?

KD Moneyy:  I was born in Atlanta, but I grew up in so many different places and learned so much from all of the different people my initial plan was to go to the NFL, i tried college out for a little bit but things just didn’t work out.

Higher Frequency:  What was it that got you to cut your first record and how were you able to get it done like let us know anything that you can remember about the process in getting into the studio and cutting that first track you’ve ever recorded ?  

KD Moneyy:  When I was 16, I recorded my first track with a guy named Q Money out of Warner Robins, Georgia. I kept hearing people talk about his studio in school so one day I tried it out and I recorded my first song to Chief Keef’s ‘Love No Thotties’ beat and the outcome of the song came out so dope so I never stopped making music after that.

Higher Frequency:Your song “Prada Her” to this day what are some of the feedback you’ve been getting on the video from your fans, if anything stuck out to you that a viewer might have said to you about it?   

KD Moneyy:  The quality of the “Prada Her” video was A1. It was shot by my guy Diesel, so you know he put the master effects and master quality on it.

Higher Frequency:: How important do you feel artists like you should be doing open mic shows in the beginning of their careers like what do you feel it has done for you?

KD Moneyy: It’s very important to do open mic shows in the beginning of your career, as I started off doing open mic shows and I can honestly say it helped to build my fan base and as long as you are networking while you there it will benefit you because the people you meet most times becomes lifelong fans or associates,

Higher Frequency: Let us know or explain what to you feel that is most unique about yourself and your music to you?

KD Moneyy: I’m a pretty humble person so most of my music is an easy and memorable listen. I make music for people to catch a vibe like when you are riding down the street late at night alone you can play my music and just vibe out and enjoy yourself off of the good energy and good music that I consistently release. 

Higher Frequency: What are some of the things to you that are most challenging being an artist from Atlanta and making your moves thru the city as an entertainer, are there any challenges like things you may attempt to accomplish but there’s things in the way of you getting to those goals and ideas?

KD Moneyy:  The most challenging thing in Atlanta is building a fan base because the culture has changed. People will listen to someone’s music because they have a Ferrari but if they had a Honda they wouldn’t listen and 9 times out of 10 the person with the Honda music sounds better than the person with the Ferrari.

Higher Frequency: About the new single “Tesla” let’s talk about this for a second. What does this song mean to you and what is it about exactly?  

KD Moneyy:  The song Tesla means the world to me and I feel like it’s the song that’s going to put me on the charts. I initially made the song for people running from law and because of the new DA in Atlanta who’s really trying to crack down on rappers.

Higher Frequency: Radio promotions or Online promotions which one of these platforms you feel may show you the most support right now?

KD Moneyy:  Really I have received an equal amount of both radio and online support, but if I had to choose one I would say online because that’s how more people are able to get introduced to my music and brand and it’s all pretty cool because at the end of the day one more new follower and fan helps me and the music that I am putting out to reach even more listeners and as I continue to see my Spotify numbers increase it helps me to realize and appreciate the growth. 

Higher Frequency: Two things you love about Atlanta and being an artist from the city?

KD Moneyy:  I love that it’s a busy city because being and artist in a busy city kind of makes it easier to network while promoting and marketing yourself. There are a lot of industry professional around in the city and I’m talking about the heavyweights are all through the city and could really assist in making things happen for the independent artists out here and that energy alone makes me know that my time is coming and I am ready for it.

Higher Frequency: Let’s talk sports what is KD Moneyy into and if any sport particular what are your teams? If it’s Basketball who’s is your team and if it’s football who’s your team?

KD Moneyy:  My favorite sport is football and my favorite team is the Baltimore ravens.

Higher Frequency: When that time comes, and the world is onto KD Moneyy who would you say you’d go in the ring against if there was a versus invite sent to you?

KD Moneyy:  Man really, anybody that want it, because right now I know I’m the hardest independent artist in Atlanta hands down.

Higher Frequency: Hot Box Bonus: If you were asked to put one song together with yourself, another rap artist, singer, and the producer with you all in the studio at the same time who would you pick out for this special feature? 

KD Moneyy:  My pick for this special feature would be Lil Durk for my rap feature with Ella Mai with the dope ass hook and the producer to bring it all together and the fact I am from Atlanta it would be ATL Jacob



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