Hakeem Prime Channels Chief Keef in his New Single ‘Reset Button’ w/John Bond (Reclaimed - EP)

Hakeem Prime Drops New EP ‘Reclaimed’ & Channels Chief Keef with ‘Reset Button’

Today is Nov 4th after the wake of Take Offs Death it seemed to have left a bad taste in people mouths for the hip hop community. Although after days of searching. Our questions were answered, with multiple videos and text messages surfacing from witnesses of the deadly shooting. Showcasing once again the power of the internet. 

Now it’s forever infinity links, as Hakeem Prime Drops his New EP ‘Reclaimed’ a eight track mixtape that consist of melodic RnB and Rap. Hakeem Prime is the social butterfly of social media. He seems to always find a way to get in to the stream of new listeners eyes. You may remember him for his single ‘Imma Let You Go’ That aired on BET JAMS early Sept through Nov 2022. Even as Drake & 21 Savage put out there collaboration project Hakeem’s EP fits perfectly in the rotation of this era’s sound. Incorporating 90s Pop culture to win over his main supporters. 

One of the songs showcase a track that adds the Moesha Theme song from the artist Brandy Norwood’s sitcom. The song speaks of Hakeem’s love of his spouse encouraging him to ‘Be You’. and as the song progresses you see a clear picture of them encouraging each other. its beautiful to say the lest. it doesn’t feel forced or out of place. Its peaceful and humbling. Its always great to hear a art have a piece of mind.

The last track is titled ‘Reset Button’ which is done with Idaho native John Bond who is currently serving a jail sentence. The track it self is very well put together and is a breath of fresh air. seeing that these two used the song to signify breaking free of the box that is the music industry to create there own line is exciting! 

In the 2nd verse Hakeem Prime Channels Chief Keef’s — Faneto

“I’m a gorilla in a fuckin’ coupe, finna pull up to the zoo, nigga
Who, nigga? Who the fuck is you? I don’t know, nigga
No, nigga, pull up on your block,”

recreating the chorus into his vrs how do you thing he did? Listen Below:

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