“Bus Stop” By Cristy B Charts In The Top 50 On ITunes !

Cristy B has a lot to be excited about. Recently she has charted on ITunes with one of her recent singles “Bus Stop”. The success doesn’t end there but merely starts. Cristy B is an accomplished hard working recording artist on a mission to thrive in the industry. She has worked in television and radio, but currently works as a broadcasting engineer for a leading television network. 

Growing up she was exposed to many instruments that peaked her interest in music. Her mother would buy her these instruments instead of toys which made falling in love with music seamless. At the age of 12 she knew she wanted to pursue music full heartedly. 

At that same age was the time she recorded at a commercial recording studio and created her first record. From that moment she knew music was her calling. After creating for years she honed in on her sound which formulated into soulful R&B. Cristy B has a in your face harmonic big & bold sound that you can’t help but to fall in love with.

While creating she creates with her emotion. She generally records her emotions to a beat over a voice note and stays away from usual songwriting. This allows her to create fluidly and without overthinking. Her new releases include the charting iTunes single “Bus Stop” and “Stop N Go”. These are her 2 focuses at the moment. Soon Cristy B will be releasing an EP “My Story” along with visuals and more treats for her fans. In the meantime make sure you add “Bus Stop” to your playlists !

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