Occ Taee scores big with fresh new single “Whats His Name”

Indianapolis artist Occ Taee has shared a new single called “Whats His Name”, which displays an infectiously powerful sound and sharply-crafted bars that captivate the listener’s full attention. Here, expansive, memorable horns swell triumphantly as booming 808s, crisp percussion, and raw synths join in to create a truly imposing backdrop for Taee’s skillful flows and commanding lyricism. Taee himself provides a highlight with his poignant, confident vocals and mature, strong delivery. Dynamically building into a crescendo of intensity, making for a truly exciting listen overall.

On “Whats His Name”, Occ Taee showcases a new maturity in his voice as he gloats on Grammy-nominated producer Tom Levesque and Spencer Reist’s victorious production. Audio engineer Tyler Weaver adds confidence to the new single, echoing the rapper’s celebratory bars.The artist has been busy dropping visuals for his fan base, racking up millions of views across his recent YouTube music videos. His single ‘Mask Off’ currently has 250k+ streams across all platforms. The artist has built up tons of hype and his new single ‘What’s His Name’ provides the long-awaited relief many fans were looking for.

Listen to “Whats His Name” here:

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