Ballout Is The Artist To Watch Out For

Ballout represents the city of NEWPORT NEWS VA, aka Bad News. Ballout began making music back in 2020 with his first single being “First Night Out”. His stage name came from putting his heart into everything that he really wanted to do, he would ballout, basically leave it all out there or put his all into it. Childhood wasn’t easy for Ballout with his father not there and his mother in and out of jail his grandmother stepped in to raise him and 6 other siblings, which lead to his older brother showing him the ropes and a whole lot of tough love. A big inspiration to Ballout is the rapper T.I. Ballout is very unique because of his story and how he was able to learn from his brother’s mistakes and not make similar ones. It is Ballout’s plan to take over the music scene with his label and brand called “Moneyormercy”. If Ballout was to describe his music in 3 words it would be passion, bold and truthful.

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