Boyu shares vivid debut album ‘Flower Garden’

Los Angeles-based artist Boyu finally delivers his highly anticipated debut album, Flower Garden, a DIY odyssey into the essence of subconscious. A layered, vibrant record laced with rich, engaging songwriting, Flower Garden showcases Boyu’s versatility- drawing from the best elements of modern indie-pop, alt-rock, and even hip-hop. Across the LP, Boyu shines as a songwriter as he delivers vibrant melodies and catchy, focused instrumentation with a sort of charming effortlessness. The 12-song set remains dynamic and engaging throughout as it blends influences from a range of genres and avoids being boxed in to one style or sound.

Opener and title track “Flower Garden” immediately introduces Boyu’s sound- a refreshing, colorfully hypnotic mixture of indie-pop, alt-rock, and more. Here, he shines as a vocalist with catchy melodies that develop into a chorus that can best be described as ear candy, giving the song much replay value in the process. “Monterey” is a fast-paced, grooving cut that contains an electrifying energy that draws the listener into its wistfully warm sonics. “R&BBY” is a potent song that finds Boyu tackling a slightly different sound and showing his versatility in the process, as he pieces together silky melodies atop laid-back, glowing synths and bouncy percussion, before dropping into an engaging hip-hop verse that keeps things refreshing. A project highlight appears in “How Is Life in Hollywood”, which contains the sort of infectious vibrancy that simply grabs a hold and does not let go.

Boyu’s latest offering, Flower Garden makes for an engaging, vivid set of 12 songs that captivates with its colorful spectrum of influences, drawing the listener into the songwriter’s world. St. Louis native Boyu began his musical journey as a classically-trained pianist before turning his attention to drums, guitar, and songwriting. Originally setting out on the path of corporate banking, Boyu made the decision to relocate from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA to follow his true passion- making music. Although he made his debut relatively recently in April 2021, his music and videos gained momentum very quickly and made an immediate impression with listeners, garnering an impressive 1,000,000+ streams independently.

Listen to Flower Garden now:

Connect with Boyu and watch for updates regarding new music and more: Spotify | Instagram

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