Kiddya : BETTER DAYS… are coming!

Who is Kiddyayo?

Anton Lenon better known as Kiddyayo born March 5, 1989 is an American rapper from St.Louis, Missouri. Kiddyayo moved to Tennessee and believes his life is simple but he speaks life through his music. His goal is to make things easier for his children and began his music journey because of his family.

“but mostly my cousin that passed away I’m doing this for him..”

Said Kiddyayo when asked what motivates him. His cousin passed away late 2013 on December 1st.

Kiddyayo gets inspired by people when it comes to his writing process. His family shares a great deal of inspiration and motivation as well. He believes that it is “just an opportunity before success”.


KiddYayo realized he wanted to make music professionally only a year ago. In 2021, he would create multiple tracks but would not release them. His sound and style is normal with a unique twist that captures the attention of a variety of people. His creative process of birthing a new song being a memory line of things he went through.

Although he has never performed, he is pushing one of his latest singles “Better Days” now on streaming platforms and has even more in store for us. KiddYayo is a upcoming artist who is a forced to be reckoned with! Stayed tuned to see how he takes over the music industry.

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