AVX delivers the goods on new album ‘Highs & Lows’

New Jersey artist AVX has shared a fresh new album called Highs & Lows. Containing versatile sonics and sharply-crafted, infectious vocals- Highs & Lows stylishly blends hip-hop and R&B influences for a sleek, highly replayable project. Preceded by the singles “OMW”, “Manifest”, and “Advance”, Highs & Lows lives up to the momentum built among AVX’s fanbase from those releases, providing a strong new offering.

Songs like lead single “Advance” and “CRITIC” make great use of guitar-based beats, conjuring an emotive feel that captivates the listener immediately. Moreover, AVX’s vocal tone and melodious delivery is effortless and charismatic, especially on “CRITIC”. “OMW” showcases his versatility with its glimmering, grand strings and heavy drums that give the track a more hard-hitting feel as his vocals take on a commanding, powerful tone. Closer “DEEP END” is especially memorable for its poignant songwriting and expansive, emotionally dense sound, making for an album highlight.

Highs & Lows makes for a solid offering from AVX that continues the New Jersey artist’s streak of focused, engaging works.

Listen to Highs & Lows now:

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