Jan Metternich shares sharply-crafted new single “i’m alright”

German artist Jan Metternich has returned with a fresh new single called “i’m alright”. The latest from the prolific musician, “i’m alright” follows up a series of engaging songs that have gained much momentum across streaming platforms, raking in streams in the multi-millions and earning him a large fanbase in the process. His latest release is as sharply-crafted and infectious as ever, containing stylish, catchy production and memorable melodies from Metternich that imprint themselves in the listener’s memory.

“i’m alright” contains bright, wistful guitars and expansive, airy vocal samples drifting atop crisp percussion and immersive 808s. Atop the engaging production, Metternich delivers focused, sharply written melodies in an emotive tone. Atmospheric in sound, “i’m alright” contains layered instrumentation and catchy vocals that draw the listener in immediately.

Listen to “i’m alright” now and familiarize yourself with Jan Metternich:

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