We Asked Cliff Neptune What He Thinks About The Jake Paul And Andrew Tate Fight

“Who do you think will win this fight?“

“It’s hard to say who will win,” Cliff said. “But I’m sure it will be an amazing show.”

He also added: “I have tremendous respect for both of them. You have to respect them and understand where they’re at.”

In fact, Miami-based artist Cliff Neptune, known to be also a martial arts practitioner and lover, told us that if he could fight either Jake Paul or Andrew Tate, he would. He said with an emphatic “yes.” and “Personally, I think that Andrew Tate is a great kickboxer. I’ve seen him compete in the ring and he’s got some serious skills. Jake Paul is definitely strong and committed enough to fight Tate or anyone else. I can’t wait to see what happens!”

Cliff Neptune is a Member of BOXR gym Miami.

BOXR Gym is proud to host world-renowned boxers and professional fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Andre Berto, and Jake Paul, also celebrities like Richard Camacho, N.O.R.E., formerly Noreaga, Hollywood Hino, Draper, Earl Wolf, Robert Wilmot, and More

Mateo Attalla, the founder of BOXR Gym, made his dreams a reality when he built a state-of-the-art gym from the ground up. Attalla had one goal in mind, and that was to be the best gym in the world. From MMA and boxing to weightlifting, yoga, indoor basketball, and even a recording studio, the vision for Boxr is to serve as a one-stop shop for all.

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate will face each other in a fight. According to reports, the two will face off in an unsanctioned boxing match.


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