Avant Garde Artist Weston Hall’s Invite Only Designer Brand Plans 2023 Launch

Weston Hall, stylized weston hall, is a New York-born artist and creative entrepreneur based in Miami, FL.

He is the brainchild behind pierrè-vonts, an invite-only designer fashion brand, and öka, an invite-only designer furniture brand. weston hall produces art with this mission in mind: “to inspire, innovate and enhance everyday life experiences through creative expression and design.”

Hall’s various projects have piqued the interest of celebrities, professional athletes, and influencers alike. In a day and age where everyone has immediate access to their desires, Hall goes against the grain. Pieces from pierrè-vonts and öka , are available for sale exclusively through an application process. By offering his creations through strict and exclusive channels, Hall’s work has garnered a cult following of underground streetwear fanatics and designer art enthusiasts.

Hall’s fashion brand, pierrè-vonts, exhibits hand-painted designer garments made from 100% cotton and other premium fabrics. Named after his middle school French name (pierrè) and inspired by his avant-garde artistic style, pierrè-vonts was originally launched while Hall resided in Tokyo, Japan. After two successful releases overseas, Hall aims to continue his growth domestically.

öka is a collection of luxury furniture and home décor pieces designed by Hall. All öka pieces are constructed with luxurious woods and other elegant materials designed to redefine the home aesthetic.

weston hall blends his minimalist undertone with bold contrasting colors to create pieces that are intuitive and visually stimulating. Hall’s pieces and gallery of artwork are solely available on his website, westonhall.co.

His next pieces will release by 2023.

Hall believes if he has inspired others to express themselves through creativity then he has been successful. “We each have a unique perspective that we should share with each other. It’s the cycle of providing inspiration and receiving inspiration that will keep pushing our society forward in terms of social cohesion and creative innovation,” he said.

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