Michael J Foxx & Sonic Detour Collaborates Together For Their New Single “Truce”

Two different genres of music in one studio. Composing one song. Run DMC & Aerosmith did it. Ice Cube & Korn did it. Jay Z & Linkin Park did it. Now it’s Foxx (Michael J Foxx) & Sonic Detour to pave the way. The Yonkers, New York native now located in Moncton, New Brunswick secured a unique collaboration with Saint John, New Brunswick Metal Band Sonic Detour. The record Truce is something you don’t hear everyday and needless to say this sound is different and more is needed.

The makings of “Truce” killer Production by Darkus, Jason, and Nikki (Sonic Detour members) along with Goose (Lead Singer of Sonic Detour) dropped a epic hook on this collaboration. Last but not least,Foxx. Getting a chance to showcase my skills vocally, lyrically, and as an audio engineer. Together we made a BANGER.

Truce – Single by Michael J Foxx & Sonic Detour https://music.apple.com/ca/album/truce-single/1655780619

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