Rising Entrepreneurs: Interview w AG, Founder Of Undefeated Detailing

Today we sit down with business Owner/founder of Undefeated Detailing “AG”, to discuss in-depth what started his entrepreneurial journey.

We also answer some questions about the growth of his company, which has been gaining high reputability and major attention throughout the I.E.

1.) Q: What inspired you to start Undefeated Detailing?

A: “I was inspired by cars and all the people around me. I grew up around it my whole life. Going to car shows and being part of a car club had a huge impact on me, including the business I wanted to build.”

2.) Q: When was your company founded?

A: “Undefeated Detailing was founded in April of 2020 in San Bernardino, CA.”

3.) Q: What’s one of the most pivotal moments that really changed the trajectory of your business?

A: “One of the most pivotal moments that really changed the trajectory of my business was this year when we opened up our shop. That changed the game for us completely. We took it to the next level!”

4.) Q: Many people don’t have a solid support team or people around them to give real advice…was there anyone in your circle that really helped motivate you to stay on game?

A: “My dad was one of the people who really motivated me to stay on my game and not give up. The support around me was REAL! I had too many people looking up to me, that believed in me. There was no way I was going to fail. That was fuel to my fire.”

5.) Q: What goal’s would you personally like to complete before this year is up?

A: “My biggest goal is to build an Empire that will be passed down for generations. I’ll be the 1st in my family to create generational wealth.”

Thank you again “AG”, for taking the time to answer these questions for us. We really appreciate the passion and perspective you carry as a young entrepreneur from the Inland Empire. We wish nothing but major success in all your ventures and future endeavors. Make sure to follow his IG @undefeateddetailing

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