Jxylen delivers fiery expanded album ‘PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION’

Massachusetts artist Jxylen has shared a new album called PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION. The follow up to his debut album PROJECT MAYHEM from January 2022, he adds 4 fiery new tracks that blend ethereal and raw sounds for a darkly psychedelic listening experience. Putting his lyrical skill at the forefront, PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION enriches the listener with deep lyricism laid atop a tapestry of haunting sounds.

Building off the expansive, surreal sounds of songs like “SALVADOR DALI PAINTINGS” and “MEMENTO” from PROJECT MAYHEM, the 4 additional tracks find Jxylen at his most cerebral lyrically, as he delivers a number of heartfelt and socially critical lines that have the listener stopping to contemplate. “ALIVE!” is a particular highlight, with its airy vocal samples and gritty percussion setting the tone for Jxylen’s jagged, powerful flows.

The latest offering from Springfield, Massachusetts artist Jxylen, PROJECT MAYHEM: FIGHT CLUB EDITION brings a set of nocturnal, intense songs that demonstrate his poetic ability with the pen.


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