Brooklyn’s Flyboi Rell delivers potent single “Luck”

Currently stationed in Brooklyn, New York artist Flyboi Rell teams up with Woodah Three Times to give their audiences the triumphant single titled “Luck” produced by NtheLab Productions.The track starts off with  an inspirational trumpet that evokes a sense victory.  Flyboi Rell comes in with an onslaught of lyrics that gives the audience the sense that he has overcome some sort of monumental struggle. With lyrics such as “down on my luck down on my bucks.”; “ We leveled up” and others the audience gets a look into his story and personal conviction as an artist. His lyrical abilities shine through on the song and give fans a good idea of who he is, making “Luck” a relatable track that blends sharply-crafted production with Rell’s focused flows for a highly replayable yet emotive cut.

Brooklyn’s Flyboi Rell is certainly on the rise, and as we enter 2023 we are excited to see what may come for him. “Luck” is a sonically poignant, well-written track that enticed us with its stimulating sound and powerful lyrics, and it will likely be in our rotation for a long time to come.

Listen to “Luck” below and familiarize yourself with this fast-rising Brooklyn artist:

Connect with Flyboi Rell on all platforms: | Spotify | Instagram |

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