“Castalia Heist” By Odom Hamm Is A Must Read

Odom Hamm is a young author-writer from Memphis, Tennessee who has been catching the eye and attention of readers. He has had a tough life growing up and was once in prison. After he got out, he made a huge change and turned his life around as he decided to pursue writing and invest in real estate.

The latest book he wrote is called “Castalia Heist”. This book is about five under-city kids struggling to live in Memphis as they are trying to find a way to live. They needed financial income, so they decided to rob a bank. His book was released on the day of September 21, 2022 and is available to purchase now.

Follow him on Instagram – www.Instagram.com/odomgoin_hamm

Order “Castalia Heist” today- https://a.co/d/epYzma6

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