DEZZYY OG Is The Artist To Watch Out For

DEZZYY OG is a West Sydney drill artist who has been writing his own style of drill music for some time now. He got his start working with a close friend who is also an artist and producer. His music career officially began in January 2021 with the release of his debut single “Homegirl,” which explores the themes of broken families and the loss of true love.

Despite being a drill artist, DEZZYY OG brings a unique sound to his music and tackles personal life experiences and the realities of his lifestyle in his lyrics. He has big plans for the future of his music, including the release of a freestyle on December 23, 2022 and his debut album, XXI, dropping on January 21, 2023. DEZZYY OG is also planning another live performance in February or March of the coming year.

Fans of DEZZYY OG can look forward to the release of his newest track, “Proper,” which will be available on all platforms on December 23. Keep an eye out for more music and performances from DEZZYY OG and OG Gang as they take over in the coming year.

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