The Art of Patience: Interview with TGC Johnny Stone about Ownership, His Latest Single Humble Beast, And The Importance of Having a Personal Philosophy

We were first introduced to TGC Johnny Stone through social media via Instagram @tgcstone “TGC” stands for “The Golden Child” and he is upcoming in the music business. He is from Kansas City; Missouri and we interview him to get to know his personality.

You Have Been Independent for Your Entire Music Journey! We understand you control your Masters; You’re Marketing and Your Brand as a Master Strategist. Could You Please Explain How This Came to Be Without any Guidance Starting Off?

I always believed in myself. Before rap I was the art kid that paid attention to detail whenever it came to drawing. It took time to complete some of those artworks. But in the end when it was all said in good, I impressed my classmates with those abilities. I took what I used to do, and I applied to different skillsets. It is not what you do it is how you do it; That is my philosophy.

We Also Understand You Support Yourself with No 9-5 Job. Considering The Pandemic and Inflation How is it You Are Optimistic About Your Success as An Entrepeneur?

I always wanted to be my own boss, so I learned what bosses know how to do. Marketing myself as an Artist that conducts good business has attracted plenty of clientele and partnerships I would never think of. I plugged myself into several industries and rose through the ranks to be one of the greatest. Now I get paid to boost brand awareness of small and large businesses while investing that money back into my music career.

Speaking of Your Music Career, your latest Single “Humble Beast” is a Smash Hit! Your Fans really Seem to Enjoy Your Song With dozens of TikTok’s and Instagram Reels. Could You Explain the Meaning Behind this Song?

Humble Beast is an Anthemic Track About Getting Your Wins and Knowing Your Self-worth. It is a very empowering song. Real Lyrics with a dope flow. I did not know It will be a fan favorite, but I get dozens of DM’s telling me how dope the song is. I appreciate everyone whoever gave my music a chance! Stream Humble Beast On Every Platform

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