Hakeem Prime

Hakeem Prime & Why He’s Important In This Industry

Hakeem Prime also known as Hyphy Da Spider is back on his grind! He Just released his Fifth Official mixtape and its amazing. In it he shows fans what he’s been working hard on. In conjunction of his album DeTOUR 2 releasing in January 4th 2023. In this tape He Keeps a great melodic flow with all the songs. his cadence is matched with a array of peace and hunger that many music fans would find on par with some top artist. Now, we see his core fans never left. Prime put out his mixtape entitled “Reclaimed” That Features The Likes of Lambo4oe, Ice Spice, Mercy Angelique, Pop G & John Bond.

This is nothing new to Hakeem Prime he’s been trail blazing in his own lane for sometime now not letting things derail him from getting music out. It all started in 2012 Hakeem was given an opportunity of a life time to pursue his dream & become a member of none other than YMCMB. (http://bit.ly/lilwaynetas). They had meetings & songs done that are now on his mixtape “The Mixtape 3: Apex” & his debut album “Forthcoming” witch sold 10,000 copies the first week from the buzz of the introduction. he returned later with his single “Slip Up” gaining over 1.9M Views & streams. changing his style a bit from R&B to Rap. However ultimately this was sot to be a scam from a cereal scam artist but never came to a conclusion on the topic. Though that did not stop Hakeem Prime. In exploration of his creativity Hakeem began to work on his new EP entitled “Signs” and has since made music videos for every song and hard core fans have made reactions to the videos and audio content.

As a young teen was a big fan of music. Prime Has played at a host of highly regarded venues, and has been a activist in his local communities. Today Hakeem is staying humble and aware of his base and is thriving in markets where his fan base is most strong. To know more about Hakeem visit: https://www.HakeemPrime.com and don’t forget to check: https://g.co/kgs/2JNbup

Recognized by 99 JAMZ, WEDR 99.1 FM’s Hosted by Florida’s Own Dj Da selected Hakeem Prime to be on there rotation for his song “More Than This” inspired by Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. giving Hakeem the start of his core fan base. as you may know Hakeem Prime was wrongfully incarcerated 2019 – 2021 He mad a hand full of songs while locked up including his hit single – Imma Let You Go released Sept. 2021. well upon this release it Gets Removed from all streaming platforms after Tiktok controversy with a artist named MJ $oul who released a video of him covering Hakeem’s song.

that video did go viral on tiktok which made the artist in question think he could release the song on his own. After Months of fighting back and forth of ownership of the song Hakeem Prime’s song was brought back to streaming platforms. March of 2022.

Hakeem said this on twitter a few days before Mj $oul’s song was officially removed from platforms

In conclusion. The sheer motivation and drive one must have to over come not one, but the many opticals in his life is what brings us to appreciate Hakeem Prime. its been a long journey for him but we over here at highfrequencymag wish him much more success .


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