“Dead Summer” EP That Brings to the Table Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff Have Been Generating Sizeable Buzz for Some Time Now!

Levi Zadoff, a Los Angeles phenom, is no stranger to larger San Francisco and US audiences. After his much-hyped grand entrance into the music scene, he received deserved and critical acclaim for his authentically tapped, ageless music, which went on to amass millions of streams on the popular channel Soundcloud. He took a temporary hiatus, but now he is back, bigger and better! Dead Hendrix, on the other hand, is an up-and-coming Canada-based star who dreams of creating a positive impact with his genre-defying music. He is not in it for fame, clickbait, or clout; he wants to fuel his passion for music in the best way he knows and see what will come of it. So far, he has won hearts with his versatile sound that acknowledges no boundaries in time or place!

“Dead Summer” is the EP that brought these two remarkably gifted artists together, and this is one ingeniously produced and passionately delivered 5-track masterpiece! Borrowing inspiration from events surrounding the COVID pandemic and bringing the literal and metaphorical death of summer, this EP is meaningful, therapeutic, arresting, and entertaining!

Throughout this epic collection, the duo of Hendrix and Levi deliver an exceptional experience to a listener in a way that not enough words can quantify. With thought-provoking lyrics and irresistible sounds, the duo stays true to the goal of using music to express feelings, events, and emotions. The lyrics are sung with such passion and purpose as to touch the soul of listeners through seemingly experimental multi-genre songs!

“Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better” is delivered with a brilliantly contrasting contemptuous tone. The catchy and infectious delivery over the rock-filtered instrumentation is why this is a must-have in anyone’s playlist!

“Alone” evokes some sentimental feelings; delivered from each artist’s perspective on isolated feelings and backed by the hip hop-defined lyricism atop the heavy trap percussion, this is best enjoyed with the volume at its maximum!

After you listen to the tune “Love Game,” it will perhaps make sense why it has been critically acclaimed with tremendous stream numbers across various platforms: catchy as hell and still sounding heavenly, that delectable cocktail of pop-rock, punk, and emo envelopes a listener completely as you completely lose control of yourself, which is in direct service to the inspiration behind it; it’s all about getting lost inside your thoughts and emotions, and this was certainly something most of us experienced when the pandemic hit, and the world stood still!

Leveraging on their versatility and innate gifts, Hendrix and Zadoff did deliver something authentic and timeless that has been dominating the airwaves in recent times; it’d only be right for you to join the rest of the world in acclaiming such phenomenal artistry!

Follow the link below to listen to “Dead Summer”. Then, add the songs that speak to you to your playlist as soon as possible.

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