Voltaire delivers the dynamic EP, ‘VWAY’

Florida artist Voltaire recently caught our attention for his dynamic project VWAY, a self produced record that lays down a series of darkly emotive, atmospheric soundscapes. Pairing vibrant, sharply-crafted melodies with heartfelt lyricism, Voltaire himself shines as a vocalist, as he delivers line after line of memorable melodically-tinged, hard-hitting raps. Staying true to sounds frm South Florida while also injecting a hearty dose of individualism, VWAY is a powerful, poignant project. Songs like “Marilyn Monroe” and “Nineteen” display Voltaire’s knack for potent songwriting, as he delivers infectious vocal performances atop the cathartic, dynamic production. Considering that this is just Voltaire’s debut EP, he shows a lot of prowess as a vocalist and producer, with a neat ability to blend instrumentals with vocals in a cohesive fashion.

Take a listen to VWAY below and get familiar with Voltaire, who continues to rise with his idiosyncratic sound.

Follow Voltaire on Spotify HERE and watch for updates from him.

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