Lons scores with fresh single “Miss Me”

Lons has caught our attention with his fresh new single called “Miss Me”. Lons is a newly emerging artist hailing from the far east side of Indianapolis. His debut single “Admitted” was released in March of 2022 and has already garnered attention from fans and critics alike. Lons’s music is not only catchy and enjoyable but also tackles important issues such as mental health and the struggles faced by people around the world. “Miss Me” is a hit-ready new song with emotive songwriting and infectious melodies that is sure to capture the hearts of Lons’ fanbase, as well as new listeners.

The song is a potent demonstration of Lons’ songwriting skills, as he pieces together sleek, catchy melodies atop a glistening instrumental. The production here is centred around shimmering keys, atmospheric samples, and a bouncy rhythm sections that bolsters Lons’ energetic flow. As a vocalist, he shines with a captivating mic presence and refreshing lyricism, laid across solid verses and culminating in a hook that explodes with colorful energy.

A memorable new song from Lons, “Miss Me” provides electrifying grooves and stylish sonics that make it suitable to be hit-ready in 2023.

Listen to “Miss Me” below and get familiar with Lons:

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