1699YDD Is Making Waves With His New Music Video “Everything”

1699YDD turns up a sweet high vibe feel with his music video & single “Everything.” His lyrics are about something that burns inside of everyone…love, relationships, and heartbreak.

1699YDD explained that “Everything” is an East Coast to West Coast long-distant love song. It’s about two people falling in love & building big dreams together.

Corley White with Digital X Records said 1699YDD has the mainstream sound, and he is a rare diamond find lyricists who sings to you from his soul.
Corley brilliantly filmed inside of a renaissance cathedral to symbolize 1699YDD seeking strength to keep his faith in true love, despite the 2500-mile distance.

1699YDD lyrics, “I was tryna buy you a wedding ring, tryna make ya my main thing & it ended in a love story.” Corley stated the fast pace flash by flash clips are 100% rhythms in time with the 1699 vibe.

Chicago Producer ThanksRayRay just keeps “Bringing them sounds!”
“Everything” pops, it flows wavy feels, & the snare drum build-up takes it to the top.

Recorded, mixed, mastered by TheFridgeDMV, The Fridge Recording Studios, Manassas, Virginia. 1699YDD & TheFridgeDMV are a strong creative force inside the studio. 1699YDD said “Fridge vibed with this song right off the rip. He knew where I going. We recorded a fire song.”

“Everything” Music Video

1699YDD – A Sweet High Vibe Feel

Slick Watts Entertainment Management

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