Michael J Foxx & Sydney Sexton With Darkus On The Beat Melodically Tell Us It’s Only One Way To The Top

Once again the 2 artists and 1 producer strikes gold with this banger. The man behind the production is Darkus who has produced a handful of banging beats for Michael J Foxx & Sydney Sexton. The vibe is natural when these three get busy together.

Foxx lyrics “You know me
I got my mind right
I ain’t too worried
about the limelight
It’ll all fall in place
When the times right”

Clearly this indicates his vision is headed one way and that’s to the top. In addition to Sydney’s sweet ability to add wavy vocals to the track it’s legitimately golden.

Sydney’s swagger on the hook is classy and yet gangster at the same time. You Go Girl!
“Boy you know I am devoted
Like the strap by your hip boy
We’re stronger together
We hold out weight boy
That’s how we roll boy
There’s only one way boy”

It’s just a matter of time before they head One Way to the bank.

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