WATR Is The Next Big Thing In The Music Industry

Trendy things to do these days are to sing and write songs, but only the best ones are heard and appreciated. One of those few is WATR. Music shows where the person who made it comes from and what kind of culture they have. Artists who make their own work know what genre their audience will like and appreciate, so they try to reach that benchmark. It makes the listener fall in love with the song and feel something different about the artist. In short, the words, music, and genre of a song are very important to both the artist who wrote it and the people who listen to it. WATR is a talented songwriter and artist who made a name for himself in the music industry by working hard and his determination.

Making music to WATR was the only thing that ever felt as nice as making a lady have an orgasm or falling in love. He can’t help but love music since it gives him one of the nicest emotions ever when he writes a song, performs it, and sees the expressions of joy on other people’s faces when he has done something to which they can connect. True music is meant to elicit an emotional response in the listener, whether joy, sadness, or calm. If there are no listeners, there is no music. When WATR was at his most suicidal, he would listen to the emotive music created by other people, and that is what helped him get through a lot of the difficult times.

His latest release, “Citizen App,” features Kembe X and was produced by AC and Andrew Beckner – https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/watr/citizen-app-feat-kembe-x

Follow him on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rip.watr/

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